Common Soft Tissue Injury: Knee Ligament Injuries

Soft tissue knee injuries are very common after a car accident, especially if you were struck by a car as a pedestrian.

Understanding the Anatomy

Human knee cutaway illustration. Side and front views detailed, scientifically correct cross section representation. On white background, with clipping path included. Anatomy image.

Knee ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect the bones in our bodies.  The two most important ligaments in the knee are the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) which connect the femur or the thigh bone to the tibia.  A traumatic impact from a car can cause these ligaments to stretch too far or even snap.

Soft Tissue knee injury symptoms

The usual symptoms you will feel to your knee are:

-pain, often sudden and severe

-a loud pop or snap during the injury


-feeling of looseness in the joint

-inability to put weight on the joint without pain

How is it Diagnosed?

Most soft tissue knee injuries can be diagnosed through a MRI

How is is treated?

Typically, doctors will recommend the following to treat a soft tissue knee injury

-Rest the knee-avoid an ex


cess weight, the recommend that you use crutches when walking

-Ice your knee

-Compress the knee-using bandages or sleeves

-Elevate your knee

-Wear a knee brace-to stabilize the knee and protect it from further injury

-Physical Therapy involving strengthening exercises


If the knee does not heal conservatively through physical therapy then orthopedists will perform  arthroscopic or reconstruction surgery.

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