The Soft Tissue Lawyer

A Personal Injury Lawyer specializing in soft tissue injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

What is a “Soft Tissue Injury”?

For the most part, a soft tissue injury is an injury not involving a fracture. There are too many soft tissue injuries which occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents to list, but some include, disc injuries to the spinal column (herniations and bulges), torn ligaments which would include, rotator cuff tears, meniscal tears, anterior cruciate ligament tears-ACL, Collateral ligament injuries, posterior cruciate ligament tears and SLAP tears.

Why hire the The Soft Tissue Lawyer?

John Martello Esq. has spent most of his career handling car related soft tissue injury cases and understands that soft tissue injuries can be very serious. Additionally, insurance laws are complex and he knows when these types of injuries qualify as a “serious injury” according Article 51 of New York’s Insurance Law.

Soft Tissue Injuries can be very serious

Fractures can often heal, and in some cases, people with broken bones can make a full recovery after wearing a cast for a few months. Often times, soft tissue injuries never heal, and may even require high risk surgeries to improve the condition.


The Martello Law Firm PLLC accepts referrals from other attorneys related to motor vehicle accidents resulting in soft tissue injuries. We understand that many law firms are not interested in representing clients with soft tissue injuries. We are always open to referrals from other attorneys and will complete an immediate evaluation of your client’s case at intake. We also have systems in place to timely analyze all cases for arbitration, litigation or settlement so that cases are never lingering.