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Eighteen wheelers and semi-trailer trucks are common sights on the highways around Yonkers. Being so close to a major metropolitan hub like New York City means that drivers must be ready to deal with big trucks. Most of us have likely driven alongside these vehicles, so we know how giant they truly are. An accident with a semi truck can be disastrous or even deadly. 

There may be any number of causes of a truck accident. The person responsible should be held liable and made to pay for your damages. An attorney can help you determine who should be held liable and help you gather the evidence necessary to support your case. Truck accidents are often very big events involving multiple drivers and extensive injuries. Your case could be complex, with numerous legal pitfalls to work around. 

Numerous people could be hurt in a truck accident, and you should not have to bear the steep costs of someone else’s negligence. Our Yonkers truck accident lawyers can help you get justice. The compassionate team at The Martello Law Firm, PLLC is available for a free legal consultation. Call us right away at (646) 396-0236. 

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident in Yonkers?

Truck accidents are not always isolated events involving only one or two drivers. Trucks are very large and very heavy, and an accident may affect numerous vehicles and drivers. Because these accidents tend to be so huge, numerous people could potentially be held liable. Our Yonkers truck accident attorneys can assist you in identifying liable drivers. 

In most cases, the first person investigated after a truck accident is the truck driver. The truck driver is the last line of defense from roadside catastrophe. If the driver makes an error or is in some way negligent, they could cause a serious collision. A driver can be held liable for serious errors, like falling asleep at the wheel, driving while intoxicated, or speeding on wet or icy roads. Even errors that most would consider minor, like merging or turning without using a signal, could cause an accident. 

When a driver is liable for a truck accident, this is bad news for their employer. Employers can sometimes be held liable for the negligent actions of their employees. Generally, if the driver’s negligence occurred as part of their normal job duties within the scope of their employment, the trucking company that employs them can also be sued. Alternatively, if the driver was incompetent to drive and should have never been hired, their employer could be held liable under a theory of negligent hiring. 

Sometimes, other drivers are so negligent or reckless on the roads that they cause accidents with trucks. For example, a small car could end up cutting off a large speeding truck on the highway before stopping short to take an exit. The trucker might slam their brakes to avoid hitting the car and the trailer ends up toppling over because they were speeding, crushing other vehicles. The driver of the small car and the trucker could both share liability for the accident. 

Investigating a Yonkers Truck Accident and Proving Fault

Alleging fault is one thing, but proving it is quite another. If we want to get your damages compensated by the defendant, we must present proof that they did indeed cause the accident and your injuries. Luckily, there are numerous methods of presenting evidence after a truck accident, and our Yonkers truck accident attorneys can help your case. 

Most people know that when an airplane crashes, there is a big search for something called a “black box” that records all kinds of data about the flight. What people often do not know is that trucks are also equipped with black boxes. These devices record things like speed and braking and give investigators an idea of how an accident happened. 

We can also speak with other drivers who were on the scene and witnessed the accident. The more witnesses we gather who can provide similar and consistent testimony, the more likely we can convince a court to hold the defendant liable. 

People who are injured in truck accidents are usually whisked away to a hospital almost immediately. However, if you can, take photos and record videos of the crash scene while you wait for help to arrive. The crash scene was probably cleaned up quickly because it presents a hazard to other drivers. Any photos or videos that preserve the scene will be of the utmost importance. 

How Much Is a Truck Accident Case Worth in Yonkers?

It is hard to say how much a truck accident is worth to an injured plaintiff. No two cases are exactly the same, and the amount of money your case could be worth will depend on many different factors. In general, the extent of your physical injuries, property damage, and other losses must all be considered when determining the value of your total damages. 

As one could expect, the more serious your injuries are, the more your case is worth. A person who suffered long-term, debilitating injuries can expect to claim greater damages than someone who suffered minor injuries. Not only do more significant injuries require more costly treatments, but they may have a longer impact on a person’s life. Injuries that are long-term and disruptive to a person’s daily life warrant larger payouts. 

Mental injuries and emotional trauma may also lead to increased damages. It is not unusual for a truck accident victim to experience severe emotional distress after an accident. People often have bouts of depression, panic attacks, or even PTSD. Emotional trauma can be so bad that an accident survivor may find themselves too fearful to even get back in a car. 

In the end, you must assert what you believe your case is worth. How much money you want in compensation may dictate settlement negotiations. You must consider how much money you need to cover your damages and whether you are willing to compromise. Our Yonkers truck accident lawyers can help you assess the value of your case and get the compensation you deserve. 

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If you were hurt in a truck accident, your injuries might be severe, and your road to recovery very long. Our Yonkers truck accident attorneys have the skills and experience to fight for your fair compensation. Speak to our team at The Martello Law Firm, PLLC in a free legal consultation. Call (646) 396-0236 to get help right away. 

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