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How Much Can You Sue for Punitive Damages in New York State

Most lawsuits involve some degree of compensatory damages designed to make up for the plaintiff’s losses and injuries. Punitive damages are separate from more common compensatory damages, and they are often harder for plaintiffs to get. Punitive damages are awarded to punish defendants for their behavior. Even though these damages are paid to plaintiffs, they […]

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What to Do if You Were Hit by a Drunk Driver in New York

There is almost nothing more dangerous on the road than an intoxicated driver. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous, and a lawyer can help you hold the intoxicated driver responsible for their inexcusable behavior. Immediately after a crash with a drunk driver, you should call for emergency help. Once help is on the way, you can […]

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Are Police Reports Admissible in Injury Cases in Westchester County, NY?

After an accident that causes an injury, a law enforcement officer may visit the scene to draft an accident report. These reports can provide a great deal of information that help attorneys and insurance companies establish fault However, in New York, information from police reports is only admissible if it meets certain criteria. Reports must […]

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