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How to Get Traffic Camera Footage After an Accident in Westchester, NY

Traffic cameras are a normal part of our highway system today, and Westchester, NY has numerous cameras scattered about its roads. If you are injured in an accident, traffic camera footage might be paramount to your claims for compensation. The county is in charge of traffic cameras in and around Westchester, although local and state […]

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How Do Insurance Companies Calculate Personal Injury Claims in New York?

Insurance companies use various methods when calculating compensation in personal injury claims. Before advising you to accept a settlement, our attorneys will use our own methods of calculation to confirm the appropriate compensation in your case. Insurance companies calculate economic damages by adding up all of the compensable financial losses a victim has incurred because […]

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What to Do if Your Personal Injury Claim is Denied in New York

If you receive serious injuries, the first thing you may look to do is contact your insurance company to see if they will help you out. After all, the point of insurance in the first place is to have a sort of safety net if something bad happens. Unfortunately, many people are dismayed when their […]

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