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How to Fill Out Form NYS MV-104 if You Were Injured

If a negligent driver hurt you in New York, you may have to fill out NYS MV-104 and send it to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of the accident. In addition to calling the police after car accidents, victims must also complete NYS MV-104 for crashes that result in injury, death, or […]

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What is the Rear End Collision Law in NY?

Car accidents happen every day, and rear-end collisions are arguably among the most common. As with many vehicle crashes, it takes two to tango, but who is at fault in rear-end crashes? The question of fault is on everyone’s mind after a car accident. In many rear-end collisions, the tailing vehicle is often held responsible. […]

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Can Social Media Be Used Against You in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in NY?

Millions of people use social media daily, posting about all kinds of things that happen to them, including accidents. If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, the opposing party might want to use your social media against you, but a lawyer can help you protect yourself. Social media allows people to document various […]

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