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What to Do After a Rear-End Accident in New York

Although some rear-end collisions can appear insignificant initially, it’s unwise to underestimate the damage one can cause. To ultimately get the compensation they deserve against negligent drivers, New York victims should learn what to do after a rear-end accident. Immediately following a rear-end collision in New York, there are a few steps victims should take. […]

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How to Gather Evidence After a Car Accident in New York

Getting the evidence you need after a car accident can seem intimidating.  Especially if you are injured and are busy dealing with your recovery, securing evidence might be the last thing on your mind.  However, our attorneys can help you with this process. Most evidence you gather at the scene of the crash will be […]

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Can I Sue if I am Hit by a Taxi in New York?

Taxi accidents can be devastating and leave victims with serious injuries.  Especially if you were hit by a taxi while walking or riding a bike, you could be left with substantial injuries that require expensive medical treatment.  Getting your damages covered might mean filing a lawsuit in some cases. Lawsuits are not allowed in every […]

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