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How Much Can I Sue for After a Car Accident in New York State?

Many people struggle financially after being involved in an accident. Before you consider filing for Bankruptcy always contact the personal injury lawyer handling your case before you decide to file. Once you file, the Bankruptcy Trustee will be making decisions on how much you will be able to collect from any settlement obtained. Here are a few things you should know about personal injury settlements in a New York bankruptcy

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The Bulging Disc, vs. a Herniated Disc vs. a Degenerated Disc

After a car accident you may be diagnosed with a bulging disc or a herniated disc.  To make things even more complicated, your medical provider might even tell you that you are suffering from degenerative disc disease. What is the difference and what does all of this mean? The Annular Tear Before we make some […]

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Understanding The Basics of No Fault Insurance in New York State

Many people involved in car accidents know that they have no fault insurance, but have no idea what it actually means. What Is It? No fault insurance, also known as a “first party benefit,” is insurance to cover your basic economic losses immediately after an accident regardless of fault.  Most insurance policies in New York […]

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“Great experience after a terrible car accident.”

I was in a bad car accident and felt overwhelmed with everything that had happened. John Martello was able to guide me and help me feel comfortable with the legal process. I never felt lost and John was very responsive to all of my questions. I would highly recommend him!

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