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Can I Sue My Child’s School for an Injury in New York?

When you send your child to school each day, you expect that their safety will be looked after by the school and the school district in New York. However, accidents sometimes happen, and a school should be held accountable for its negligence. Fortunately, you can sue your child’s school if it fails in its duty […]

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How to Document Pain and Suffering After a Personal Injury in New York?

After suffering a personal injury in New York, victims often experience damages beyond their financial losses. Pain and suffering damages are subjective, non-economic losses you suffered and can be difficult to prove in a lawsuit. However, pain and suffering can be shown with the right documentation. Because pain and suffering are based on the victim’s […]

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Differences Between Medical Malpractice and Negligence in NY

The terms “medical malpractice” and “medical negligence” can be a bit confusing.  Many lawyers will draw strict distinctions between what these two phrases entail, while others essentially treat them as the same thing. Medical malpractice refers to problems with the doctor’s practice of medicine – which most typically involve medical negligence.  Medical negligence is the […]

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