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What to Do After Getting Hit by a Bus in New York

Bus accidents in New York can result in devastating and life-altering injuries. After getting hit by a bus, it can be challenging for victims to get the compensation they need. Fortunately, our experienced New York personal injury lawyers can help overcome the many barriers to financial compensation. You can take several steps to support your […]

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Differences Between Mediation and Settlement in a New York Injury Case

When your case passes through the legal system, you may come across many processes and terms you are unfamiliar with.  One of the common questions that injury victims have is whether their case is going to go through a mediation process or a settlement process and whether those two processes differ at all. Generally, injury […]

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Can Pedestrians Ever Be at Fault for an Accident in New York?

A pedestrian accident can be a traumatic experience. When people are hit by cars, severe injuries are typically sustained. Fortunately, victims may seek compensation from the people responsible for their crashes. Accordingly, determining who is at fault for a pedestrian accident is a necessary step toward recovering payment for the damages it caused. Pedestrians can […]

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