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How to Get Compensation for a Slip and Fall Injury in New York

There are many potential causes of slip and fall accidents. For instance, victims may suffer such accidents because of wet floors, loose rugs, narrow staircases, or poorly lit hallways. In any case, property owners can be sued for accidents caused by the careless maintenance of their premises. Accordingly, you can get compensation for a slip […]

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How to File a Lawsuit for a Truck Accident in New York

Victims of truck accidents often incur severe injuries. Fortunately, at-fault parties can be sued for truck accidents they cause. Plaintiffs in truck accident lawsuits will have access to multiple forms of monetary damages. You should contact a truck accident lawyer for help filing a truck accident lawsuit in New York. There are numerous requirements plaintiffs […]

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What Should I Do After a Taxi Accident Injury in New York?

Cabs in New York do not have the best reputation for safety, especially when it comes to accidents with pedestrians.  If you were involved in a taxi accident, whether as a passenger, as a pedestrian/biker, or as the driver of another car, it is important to know what to do next and what steps to […]

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