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What are Your Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit in NY?

If you are seriously injured, you may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation and justice from the party that hurt you. Indeed, despite the fact that lawsuits are often lengthy and stressful, many injured plaintiffs will sue anyway, either because they want to see a party in the wrong held accountable […]

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How Does DUI Impact Car Accident Claims in Westchester County?

Drunk driving can be incredibly dangerous.  When people hear that there was a DUI accident, they immediately place the blame for the crash on the drunk driver.  This sort of attitude carries over to the legal ruling in many cases, with DUI having a profound impact on fault and damages in a car accident case. […]

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What Damages Can I Recover from a Car Accident Lawsuit in NY?

Going to court for a car accident lawsuit is not always easy.  New York puts up barriers to suing for damages after a car accident, but when you do get the opportunity to sue, there are a wide range of damages you can seek compensation for. First, you can sue for compensatory damages – that […]

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