What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident Neck and Back Injury in New York?

Neck and back injuries from car accidents can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Settlement agreements for these injuries can sometimes be high, but they can also be unpredictable.

An average settlement for all neck and back injuries from car accidents in New York is tough to determine. Settlements tend to vary across cases based on each case’s unique factors. Numerous conditions must be considered in your settlement. Certain factors, like the severity of your injuries or pain and suffering, might drive a settlement up. Other factors might be used to justify reducing the settlement, and an attorney can help you work around these factors. Although a settlement does not involve a trial, you should still come prepared with evidence. Stronger evidence means stronger leverage and a better chance for a bigger settlement.

If you experienced neck and back injuries from a car crash, your settlement might very well be significant. Our Westchester car accident attorneys can help you argue for the greatest settlement possible. For a free case review, call our team at The Martello Law Firm, PLLC. Call us today at (914) 685-6950.

Average Settlements for Neck and Back Injuries in Car Accident Cases in New York

A settlement is very subjective and depends on the specific details of your case. The extent of your injuries and the willingness of the parties to cooperate are major factors in settlement talks. Two cases with similar neck and back injuries might be worth a similar amount of money, but each case might reach vastly different settlement agreements.

The goal of settlement negotiations is to get as big of a settlement as possible while avoiding the time, effort, and expense of a lengthy trial. Our Mount Vernon car accident lawyers can help you highlight the factors of your case that call for a larger settlement while downplaying or negating the factors that might reduce a potential settlement agreement.

In general, plaintiffs can usually expect larger settlements in cases where neck and back injuries are severe. If you live with chronic pain, limited mobility, or even paralysis, your settlement will probably be greater. Even so, you should discuss your case with an attorney to get a clearer picture of your potential settlement.

Considerations in Settlement Negotiations for Neck and Back Injuries in New York Car Accident Cases

Neck and back injuries can be devastating, and settlement agreements for such injuries might be considerable. In other cases, injuries heal quickly and leave victims with little to no long-term consequences, and a settlement might be more moderate. Our Yonkers car accident attorneys can assist you in your settlement negotiations to get you a good settlement that covers your damages.

Factors That Might Increase Your Settlement

At the center of your settlement negotiations are your neck and back injuries. If these injuries are particularly severe, you might be able to get a higher settlement out of the defendant. Severe neck and back injuries might include long-term or lifelong consequences and complications. Limited mobility, chronic pain, and paralysis are serious complications often associated with neck and back injuries. Certain spinal cord injuries might negatively affect numerous parts of your body and bodily functions.

We should also consider your other damages in addition to your injuries. Economic losses like medical bills can be astronomical. On top of that, many plaintiffs with severe neck and back injuries cannot return to work and lose valuable income.

In addition to economic losses, your pain and suffering deserve consideration. Not only are neck and back injuries physically painful, but they often leave victims with deep emotional and psychological scars. If you have long-term complications like paralysis or limited mobility, you must learn to live your life differently. These experiences can be used to justify a much higher settlement.

Factors That Might Decrease Your Settlement

Your settlement may be heavily influenced by the factors and circumstances unique to your case, including details that do not exactly support your claims. For example, issues of contributory negligence might make the defendant hesitant to agree to a large settlement. Our New Rochelle car accident lawyers can help you argue against allegations of contributory negligence and hopefully keep your potential settlement higher.

We should also worry about a lack of evidence. Evidence is important because it is leverage. If you have difficulty finding strong evidence, the defendant might push for a lower settlement because they believe your chances of success at trial are slim.

Evidence for Settlements for Car Accident Neck and Back Injuries in New York

Speaking of evidence, it is the leverage you need to negotiate a settlement effectively. Settlement negotiations are not focused on determining negligence or liability, but evidence of negligence is important just the same. The more evidence you have and the stronger your case, the more leverage you have for settlement negotiations.

Stronger cases might be more likely to get higher settlement offers because strong evidence indicates a higher likelihood of a trial victory. The whole point of a settlement is to avoid a trial, and defendants might be more inclined to agree to a generous settlement if they can avoid paying expensive legal fees for a trial.

We need evidence from the accident scene, including photos and videos from the crash site if they exist. These recordings might contain important details that were lost when the police cleared away the accident scene. If people saw the accident or have other relevant first-hand knowledge, they can act as witnesses and back up your claims.

Medical records detailing your neck and back injuries are also extremely important as they can help us prove the extent and severity of your injuries. If your medical records indicate your injuries are painful and long-term, your settlement might be larger to compensate for your damages.

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Neck and back injuries in car accident cases are often severe, and plaintiffs deserve large settlements to cover their damages. Our White Plains car accident lawyers can help you get the settlement you deserve. For a free case review, call The Martello Law Firm, PLLC at (914) 685-6950.

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