Can Victims of the Wappingers Falls Gas Explosion Sue for Damages?

In November 2023, a major gas explosion occurred in the Wappingers Falls area of NY. At least 15 people were injured. If you were a victim of this explosion, talk to a lawyer about your legal options immediately.

The gas explosion in Wappingers Falls is believed to have been caused by a gas line accidentally struck by workers digging to replace old gas lines as part of routine maintenance. This triggered a massive explosion. People were trapped beneath rubble and had to be rescued. Victims were badly injured, with many experiencing bad burn injuries. Even now, many families affected by the explosion are still picking up the pieces of their lives. If you were injured in the explosion, you may file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. The utilities company, Central Hudson Gas and Electric, may be the primary defendant in the lawsuit. Damages should account for medical costs, damage to your home and personal property, and the emotional trauma and turmoil you experienced.

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What Happened in the Wappingers Falls Gas Explosion?

In November 2023, workers were replacing old gas lines in Wappingers Falls as part of routine maintenance when a large explosion occurred. The explosion reduced a multifamily building to rubble, trapping many residents beneath the debris. While no fatalities were reported, many of the residents were critically injured.

It is believed that contractors for Central Hudson Gas and Electric struck a gas line by mistake, causing the explosion. According to a news article published shortly after the explosion, the gas structure where the explosion originated is believed to have been in place for 80 to 90 years. Our Mount Vernon, NY personal injury attorney can help you and your loved ones determine who is responsible and make them pay for your damages.

At the end of the day, people were severely injured because of negligent workers. Damages for the victims are likely astronomical. Those who suffered physical injuries might be dealing with extremely high medical bills. Many victims were not present for the explosion, but their homes and property were destroyed, leaving them with nowhere to live. If you or someone you love was affected by the gas explosion, call an attorney immediately and ask how to get fair financial compensation.

Who Might Be Able to Sue for Damages Caused by the Gas Explosion in Wappingers Falls

The gas explosion impacted numerous people and families. Many were injured, but the damage extends beyond physical injuries. Homes were completely leveled, and everything some people owned was destroyed. Talk to an attorney right away if you believe you were affected by the gas explosion.

First, we can assist the people injured in the explosion in taking legal action against those responsible. Explosions are incredibly dangerous, and it is a miracle that no fatalities were reported, considering the size of the explosion. According to news outlets, many people were trapped beneath rubble and had to be rescued. Some of the more common injuries were serious burns.

Even if you were not physically injured in the explosion, you might still have a legal claim for damages. People not present for the explosion but lost property can also sue. For example, you can sue for losing your home, vehicle, and personal belongings.

Who You Can Sue for Damages Related to the Gas Explosion in Wappingers Falls

First, we should investigate the contractors who allegedly caused the explosion. Replacing gas lines is an inherently dangerous job, and the risk of explosion is serious. If workers are not careful or do not follow proper protocols or safety procedures, the odds of an explosion go way up. We can contact the authorities who investigated the explosion to see if the workers did anything negligent to cause it.

Next, we should consider suing Central Hudson Gas and Electric. According to news reports, the workers who might have caused the explosion by hitting a gas line may have been independent contractors. Generally, the liability of an independent contractor cannot be imputed to the party that hired them because there is legally no employee-employer relationship. However, this does not mean Central Hudson gets to walk away scot-free.

Central Hudson likely owned and was responsible for the gas line that exploded. As mentioned earlier, the gas structure where the explosion started was between 80 and 90 years old. The fact that Central Hudson Gas and Electric negligently maintained their gas lines until it was too late to repair safely might make them liable for the explosion and your damages.

Potential Damages in a Lawsuit for the Wappingers Falls Gas Explosion

First, plaintiffs injured in the blast should claim all medical expenses. Many victims were reportedly trapped beneath rubble and badly burned. Some were in critical condition. Treatment for such serious is likely extensive and very costly. Keep track of all the bills, receipts, and paperwork you get from the hospital to help determine how much these damages are worth.

You should also claim damages to your property. If you owned a home destroyed in the blast, your damages might be extremely high. If you were renting, you can still claim the vast value of the many personal items and belongings in your home during the explosion. For those whose homes were leveled, everything they own might be gone.

For those suffering from severe injuries, damages for lost income should be assessed. You might be unable to continue working while you recover, and all the while, you are losing income. The income you have lost and might continue to lose going forward should be calculated and added to your damages.

We should also think about the immense physical pain and suffering you have gone through. Burns are arguably some of the most painful injuries a person can experience. At the same time, you might be dealing with losing your home and everything you own. This might leave you with deep emotional and psychological scars that could last a lifetime. While these things are not directly tied to money, you still deserve fair compensation.

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