How to Choose a Doctor or Medical Clinic After a Car Accident

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If you are in pain and feel that you need medical attention, after a car accident in Mount Vernon, NY , it is always a good idea to find a medical facility familiar with the complicated no fault insurance system.

You should consider the following issues when deciding on a medical clinic:

How long has the medical facility been in business?

You want to go to a medical facility that is reputable and has been treating patients over a significant time period.  One of the worst decisions you can make is to attend a clinic that goes out of business after you started treating there. Not only will your treatment suffer, but your medical records could potentially get lost.

Avoid any clinic where a representative approached your at that scene of the accident or offered you money to go there.

What the clinic is doing in this situation is illegal and will likely be closed down for fraud.  You should avoid any clinic that engages in these practices.

Does the medical facility accept no fault insurance?

Many medical facilities will not even accept no fault insurance.  Some will even say that they will not accept no fault, but will charge your own private insurance.  This is a red flag and you should avoid going to this facility.   Perhaps you should even inquire if it is it common for the clinic to treat patients under no fault insurance and if they are familiar with New York No Fault Insurance.

What specialists will be treating me?

There are many kinds of specialists that will be able to help you after a car accident New Rochelle, NY.  The most common types are: Physiatrists, Pain Management Doctors, Chiropractors, Orthopedists, Neurologists, Radiologists, Physician Assistants, and  Acupuncturists.

What will the clinic do if No fault decides  it does not want to pay for treatment anymore?

This is probably one of the most important questions you should ask your medical provider.  The no fault insurance will eventually send you to a doctor hired by a “scheduling company.”  These doctors are supposed to be “independent,” but they are NOT.  It has been my experience that 90% of the time these doctors claim that you no longer need treatment and that no fault should stop paying for your medical treatment.  At this point some clinics will discharge you because they will no longer get paid and it is the easy thing to do for their business. However, a good medical facility will make decisions independent of the no fault doctors.  If your doctor feels you need more treatment, they will provide that treatment and fight the no fault insurance later down the road with their own lawyers.

Locating a Reputable Medical Facility After a Car Accident

You should do research based on the above information to locate a reputable medical facility for treatment.  Ask the tough questions. If you are not sure where to find one, your Westchester personal injury lawyer can usually suggest a list of 3 or more within your geographic location.

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