Should You Take Photos After a Car Accident in New York?

Being injured in a car accident is often a traumatic experience, and it can be difficult to tell your story long after the accident occurred without something to refresh your memory.

Fortunately, you can take photos of your injuries and accident, which our personal injury attorneys can use as evidence to help you recover compensation. Photos can be immensely helpful in proving your claim. Be sure to take photos of your injuries, the vehicles involved, and other things you think will help you case.

If you were injured in a car accident and have photos, our Westchester personal injury attorneys can help you use them as evidence to prove your claim. Contact The Martello Law Firm, PLLC today at (914) 685-6950 for a free case review.

Should I Take Photos After a Car Accident in New York?

After being injured in a car accident in New York, you can and should take photographs if your injuries permit. Nearly everyone today owns a smartphone that has the capability to take and store hundreds of photos. Our New Rochelle personal injury attorneys can then use relevant photos as evidence to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Having photographs of your injuries and accident can have a major impact on the amount of compensation you end up getting. It is hard to argue with photographic evidence, especially when they capture your injuries just after they occurred. Photos can also go a long way in proving that the other driver was at fault for your accident. For instance, photos of vehicle damage might clearly establish your side of the accident.

After a car accident, you will typically file a claim with your own no-fault car insurance first to recover damages. While these photos can be helpful when filing with your own insurance, they will be most useful when pursuing compensation in a lawsuit. Regardless of the path you choose, our White Plains personal injury attorneys can help make the best use of your photos to recover the compensation you are entitled to.

What Should I Photograph After a Car Accident in New York?

You can take photos of several things that can greatly aid your efforts in getting compensated later. Taking photos of your injuries will be one of the most important things you can start building a record of. You should be sure to take photos of the scene, physical damage, and anything else you believe might be possibly relevant to your case.

Your Injuries

If your injuries permit you to do so, take photos of them. This will preserve your injuries as they appeared when sustained, which can have a much more profound impact. By the time a judge or jury sees you during a trial, your injuries might have relatively healed or at least not be as physically noticeable. Photos taken at the time of the accident will show just how severe your injuries were, regardless of how you appear in court. If your injuries are such that you cannot take photos yourself, ask a first responder on the scene or a witness for help.

Damage at the Scene

Almost every car accident involves some vehicle damage. It is critical that you photograph damage to your car and the negligent driver’s vehicle. Fault can often be deduced from looking at the damage done to each vehicle. Photos can also help undermine the defendant if they try to downplay the accident’s severity. If the damage to your or the other driver’s car in your photos is significant, a judge or jury will likely understand how serious the accident was.

Negligent Driver’s Vehicle

If you can, take photos of the negligent driver’s vehicle, including their license plate and any damage. This can be important in situations where a driver flees the scene of the accident. If a hit-and-run driver cannot be identified, recovering compensation can be incredibly difficult. Even if your photos capture the make and model of a hit-and-run vehicle, that can be helpful in law enforcement’s and our investigation into the driver’s identity.

Photos of the negligent driver’s vehicle can also be useful if you were injured by a commercial vehicle. Commercial trucks, rideshare vehicles, and countless other business vehicles operate on the roads in New York, and it can be easy to forget later what company’s vehicle was responsible for injuring you. With your photos, we can ensure the driver’s employer is also held accountable if the situation calls for it.

Scene of the Accident

In any event, the best thing to do is to photograph everything you can. No matter how relevant it might seem, take a photo of it. There is no telling what might be in one of your photos that our attorneys will be able to use in your case. Photos will preserve how the scene looked after the accident, the time of day, and the weather. In some cases, photos might show the location of security cameras which could have captured your accident. In other situations, your photos could help identify witnesses who can testify in your case.

Do not feel like you cannot document your accident after it occurs. Take as many photos as your situation allows. Our Yonkers personal injury attorneys will use your photos to help maximize the compensation you can recover.

What If I Cannot Take Photos After a Car Accident in New York?

Of course, some car accident victims will not be able to take photos. In these situations, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help from one of the first responders. In many cases, you can ask the emergency personnel treating your injuries to take photos of them. Also, if the police took photos, they should be included in your accident report. Witnesses might also be able to provide assistance. Our personal injury attorneys can review your case and track down photos of your accident if they were taken.

Our New York Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

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