What Evidence Should I Collect After a New York Car Accident?

To win an injury case, you need some kind of evidence to support your claim.  What constitutes “evidence” is incredibly broad and can even include your own testimony about the accident.  However, there is other important evidence to collect after a car crash.

After a car crash, it is important to collect the name and contact info of any drivers involved as well as any witnesses.  You should also get vehicle information for all vehicles involved (e.g., make, model, license plate number).  If there are any cameras nearby, getting copies of the footage can also be incredibly helpful, but you should also take your own photos of the damage, the accident scene, and the surrounding roadway.

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Types of Evidence to Collect at the Scene of a Car Crash in NY

At the scene of the accident, there is a wide range of evidence you can collect.  If you were severely injured and need to leave the scene of the accident to get medical care, focus on that first.  In many cases, police will collect this evidence as well and include it in a report, but you should still collect it yourself if you are able to, as the police might not be as thorough as you will.

Contact Info for All Parties and Witnesses

To be able to sue someone for causing your car crash, you have to know who they are.  Ask all drivers involved in the accident for their names and contact info.  That should include at least an address and a phone number, but an email address might also be helpful.

You should also get the contact info of any witnesses to the crash.  This includes passengers as well as any bystanders who might have seen the accident.  Especially on crowded city streets, there might have been dozens of people who saw the accident, and at least some of them might be willing to make a statement.

Insurance Info

When getting contact info from the other drivers, get their insurance info as well.  This will help later if you need to file a claim against their insurance provider.  This is especially helpful if you were injured as a biker, motorcyclist, or pedestrian since you will primarily be relying on their insurance instead of your own no-fault insurance.  Make sure to get this info to your White Plains car accident lawyers.

Photos and Videos

If there were witnesses to the crash, some of them might have had the idea to pull out their phones and record what was happening.  If they are willing to send you the video, that will be immensely helpful.

Other nearby cameras might have also captured the accident on tape, such as dash cams of nearby vehicles, security cameras at nearby homes or businesses, or cameras on an ATM.

If you have a cell phone or camera, also take your own pictures of the accident scene.  Make sure to get the damage, any injuries, any dangerous road or weather conditions, and any signs or traffic signals in frame.  Take both close-up shots of the damage and injuries as well as wider shots to establish where the vehicles ended up after the crash.

The Police Officer’s Contact Info

It is important to know the name and contact info for the officer who responded to the crash.  They will also be the one to prepare a police report, and you can potentially contact them as a witness later.

Medical Evidence to Collect for a Car Accident Lawsuit in NY

After a crash, you should always seek medical attention.  If you need any medical treatment, the EMTs at the scene or the ER doctors at the hospital can help direct you to the care you need.  This includes the immediate emergency care you might need as well as instructions about what follow-up care to pursue.

When you get medical care, this leaves doctors and other medical personnel who can testify as to what injuries you faced and how you got them.  It also creates medical records and medical bills that can be used as evidence of your injuries and how much your damages cost.

Evidence to Collect with a Lawyer for a New York Car Accident Case

Your attorney can also help you collect certain pieces of evidence after the immediate aftermath of your crash.  Working with an experienced Yonkers car accident lawyer is important because they will have the experience and training to understand what evidence you can still collect after the crash scene has been cleared to help build a strong case.

Bills and Statements

Your attorney can help you assemble any bills or financial statements related to your accident.  This can include things like vehicle repair bills and pay stubs to help you prove the value of your damages.

Additional Video

Your lawyer can send letters to nearby businesses and homes asking for any potential camera footage of the crash.  It is important to contact a Mount Vernon car accident lawyer quickly in case this evidence is set to be overwritten within a few days of the recording.


Your lawyer can subpoena witnesses and other parties for depositions about what happened.  These are recorded, on-the-record questions and answers that are very similar to what happens when someone comes in to testify in court.  Ultimately, most cases will be based heavily on your own testimony (or depositions) and the testimony (or depositions) of other witnesses.

When depositions are taken early on in the process, they are often better because the events are fresh in a witness’ mind.  In some cases, you can even use depositions instead of having someone come back in to testify at trial, if your case makes it to trial without settling first.

“Pain Journals”

Your lawyer can help you keep track of your recovery process, including keeping some kind of journal or record of your pain and suffering.  This will help later when you have to prove how much your pain and suffering damages are worth.

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