What is “Venue” and how does it affect a personal injury case?

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What is Venue?

Black’s Law dictionary defines Venue as the county in which an action or prosecution is brought to trial.

How is Venue determined in a Personal Injury Action?

Venue is initially chosen by counsel for the plaintiff. In general, the place of trial will be in the county where the accident occurred or where one of the parties resides when the lawsuit is filed.

How can the value of a case be affected by the Venue?

Jury pools are historically more favorable to personal injury plaintiffs in some venues more than in others. The Bronx and Kings County are considered, by far, the most plaintiff-friendly in the New York area. Staten Island, Nassau County, and Westchester tend to be more challenging for personal injury plaintiffs. Insurance companies and defense lawyers are more likely to pay the full value for your case if your venue is the Bronx or Kings County.

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