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After being injured because of a bicycle accident that someone else caused, you may be entitled to payment. There are several types of damages that may be compensated through bicycle accident lawsuits. During a free case review, our attorneys can help determine what your claim may be worth.

The process for recovering damages in a bicycle accident lawsuit can be complex. You must gather evidence that proves that you were injured because of the defendant’s negligent conduct. Furthermore, you may have to negotiate with insurance companies and defense lawyers to ensure that you are awarded fair compensation.

If you sustained a harmful bicycle accident in New Rochelle, get help pursuing the payment you are owed. Speak with our experienced bicycle accident lawyers at The Martello Law Firm by calling (914) 685-6950 today.

Common Sources of Bicycle Accidents in New Rochelle

In many cases, bicycle accidents occur because of drivers’ negligence. For example, the following are common sources of bicycle accidents in New Rochelle:

  • Opening doors into bikers’ paths
  • Driving too fast
  • Driving while distracted
  • Tired driving
  • Disobeying traffic signals
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way to bicyclists
  • Veering outside of lanes

Still, there are many other reasons that bicycle accidents may happen. If you were injured because of a bicycle accident, you can call our law firm for help investigating your collision’s cause. Our bicycle accident lawyers can also evaluate the strength of your claim against the liable party.

Examples of Injuries Caused by Bicycle Accidents in New Rochelle

When cyclists are struck by negligent drivers, a wide range of injuries can occur. Some injuries may heal quickly while others may cause permanent harm. The following are examples of injuries caused by bicycle accidents in New Rochelle:

Fractured Bones

Many victims of bicycle accidents sustain fractured bones. These injuries can be highly painful and may take a long time to heal. Victims often required casts, slings, or other supportive devices. Furthermore, in severe cases, those with broken bones will need surgical treatment.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage is another type injury often sustained by bicycle accident victims in New Rochelle. This type of injury usually arises in the form of tears, strains, and sprains. Those who suffer soft tissue damage typically cannot use affected body parts for long periods of time.


Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury that is regularly caused by bicycle accidents. Even while wearing helmets, cyclists are prone to suffering concussions when their heads suffer contact with vehicles or make impact with the ground. These injuries can lead to a wide range of debilitating symptoms that inhibit victims’ abilities to work or enjoy their lives. Thankfully, our bicycle accident attorneys can help plaintiffs with concussions obtain compensation for the harm they sustained.

Organ Damage

Organ damage is another common injury caused by bicycle accidents. Generally, there are two ways that organ damage can occur. Cyclists can suffer organ damage through blunt trauma that happens when a large force strikes their chest or abdomen. Furthermore, organ damage may happen because of penetrating trauma. Penetrating trauma occurs when sharp objects such as broken glass or car parts break the skin and impale cyclists. Common organs that sustain damage as the result of bicycle accidents include the liver, kidneys, and spleen.

If you suffered organ damage because of a bicycle accident, you should contact our law firm as soon as possible. Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys can help build a claim against the party responsible for your crash.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Lastly, a high number of bicycle accident victims suffer spinal cord injuries. These injuries can occur in several forms. For example, victims of bicycle accidents may suffer fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, or spinal stenosis.

Spinal cord injuries can lead to a wide range of harmful symptoms, including immobility or complete paralysis. Accordingly, those who sustain such injuries can experience highly detrimental effects on their quality of life. Plaintiffs with spinal cord injuries can reach out to our bicycle accident lawyers for help obtaining payment for both the physical pain and emotional distress they endured.

How Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys Can Help with Your Case in New Rochelle

The process for recovering monetary damages through a bicycle accident case can be complicated. Support from our attorneys can be highly valuable when pursuing a claim. For example, our lawyers can assist with your case in the following ways:

  • Review the strength of your claim
  • Assess what your case may be worth
  • Help gather evidence and prove fault
  • Help satisfy the necessary conditions for filing your case
  • Provide updates on your case
  • Communicate with defendants and insurance companies
  • Fight for better offers during settlement negotiations
  • Represent your interests and present evidence at trial

Our experienced bicycle accident lawyers can offer guidance throughout each step of the legal process. After being injured as the result of a bicycle accident in New Rochelle, contact our legal team for help obtaining the payment you are owed.

Common Locations of Bicycle Accidents in New Rochelle

Bicycle accidents can happen nearly anywhere, but there are certain locations where they occur more frequently than others. The following are common locations of bicycle accidents in New Rochelle:

Construction Sites

Construction sites are common locations where bicycle accidents occur. When streets are being repaired, bicycle lanes and road lanes are often altered. Drivers who fail to navigate these areas with reasonable care often strike unsuspecting cyclists who are sharing the roadway.


Furthermore, bicycle accidents often happen at intersections. Collisions at intersections often happen because drivers fail to obey traffic signals or do not properly yield the right-of-way. Our bicycle accident lawyers can help investigate who is at fault for crashes that happen at intersections.

Parking Lots

Lastly, a high number of bicycle accidents happen in parking lots. Motorists who fail to check their surroundings regularly strike cyclists while pulling into and out of their parking spaces. Fortunately, our attorneys can help hold negligent drivers accountable for bicycle accidents that occur in parking lots.

Victims of Bicycle Accidents in New Rochelle Can Call Our Law Firm for Help

After suffering an injury because of a bicycle accident, get help from our experienced bicycle accident attorneys at The Martello Law Firm by dialing (914) 685-6950 for a free assessment of your claim.

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