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A car accident is a scary and dangerous experience for all parties involved. Usually, some or all of the passengers of both vehicles get injured when two cars collide. Pedestrian accidents, on the other hand, shift the chance of getting injured significantly to the side of the pedestrian. Cars have many safety features to minimize the chance that occupants get injured. Pedestrians do not. Pedestrians that are hit by motor vehicles, even slow-moving ones, often suffer injuries that will land them in the hospital.

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Accidents that Can Injure Pedestrians in Ossining, NY

Car accidents involving pedestrians do not necessarily take the same form as car accidents only involving motor vehicles. In ordinary car accidents, generally, both motor vehicles are more or less on an even playing field. In a pedestrian accident, the person on the ground is much slower moving and more vulnerable than somebody in a car. A pedestrian will not usually be able to act fast enough to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.

Accidents Near Shopping Centers and Other Retail Areas

Parking lots are one of the locations where pedestrians and motor vehicles frequently cross paths. There are usually many speed and directional restrictions for vehicles traveling in and around shopping areas because those restrictions help to keep pedestrians safe.

Motorists driving through a high foot-traffic area like a shopping center need to be especially alert and keep their heads on a swivel for pedestrians in the area. If a driver has a lapse in concentration, they could hit and injure a passerby. For example, if a driver does not check their rear mirrors before backing out of a parking space, they could hit a pedestrian. Moreover, the lower speed that drivers generally move at in these areas may lead some drivers to become lackadaisical in their driving habits. For example, a driver might think it is ok to check their phone, only to hit a pedestrian when they stop paying attention to their surroundings.

Failure to Yield

Areas such as crosswalks and other specifically marked areas require motor vehicles to let pedestrians go by before moving on. However, drivers do not always necessarily heed these signs or markings and may barrel on through anyway in hopes of getting to their destination faster. In addition, inattentive drivers can miss these yield signs and hit a pedestrian crossing in an otherwise safe area.

Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers are just as much a danger to pedestrians as they are to other motorists. Driving while under the influence impairs a driver’s ability to make good, safe decisions and lowers their reaction time. A drunk driver might disregard a pedestrian entering their path or be unable to react fast enough to avoid a pedestrian they either did not notice or should have expected.

Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents in Ossining, NY

Pedestrians hit by cars can be seriously injured. In motor vehicle accidents involving two cars, both parties generally have a suite of safety features that can mitigate potential injuries under most circumstances. Pedestrians do not have this luxury, so the injuries they suffer, even from low-speed impacts, can be quite severe.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are common in car accidents of all kinds. Forceful impacts can cause bones to snap and shatter. All broken bone injuries will require a cast or sling to immobilize the broken limb or area of the body and heal fully. More serious breaks, like a compound fracture, may require multiple surgeries to recover. Moreover, not using a part of your body for 6-8 months will cause it to atrophy, and you will likely have to regain strength in a broken limb after it has been mended.

Internal Bleeding

Even if bones do not break, getting hit by a car, bus, or other vehicle can cause severe internal damage. Internal bleeding is a serious matter that needs immediate medical treatment. Often, unresolved internal bleeding can result in death.

Bruises are a less serious form of internal bleeding, as they are caused by small blood vessels getting crushed under the skin, which causes discoloration. However, bruising can be an indication of much more serious injuries like internal bleeding, so it is imperative to get a professional medical evaluation and treatment.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most serious injuries someone can have. A TBI is caused by a hard impact or hit to the head that bruises the brain. A concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury, can result in sensitivity to light and sound, temporary memory loss, mood swings, and other symptoms. Moreover, the effects of concussions are cumulative, meaning that subsequent concussions after you have received one are likely to be worse than the one before. This is particularly a risk in pedestrian accidents because a pedestrian will suffer at least two hard impacts. One when they are hit by the vehicle and one when the pedestrian hits the ground.

More serious TBIs can cause permanent loss of cognitive functions, inability to use fine motor skills or basic tasks, and, in some cases, death.

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