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Thousands of buses go across New York State every day to get people where they need to go. Most of the time, these buses get passengers where they are going without issue. However, every so often, a bus gets in an accident, and people get hurt. When that happens, victims of bus accidents can be left burdened with enormous medical bills and a long road to recovery.

If you got injured in a bus crash going to, coming from, or in Port Chester, our lawyers can help you out. We have represented plaintiffs injured in bus accidents and more for a long time, and we are ready to put our legal experience to work on your case. We will fight hard for you from the start of your case to the very end.

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Injuries from Bus Accidents in Port Chester, NY

Bus accidents can lead to some very nasty injuries. Worse still, since buses have many passengers inside, there is a good chance that many people will get hurt at once in a bus accident.

The injuries you sustain in your bus accident are important to determine what you ask for in damages in your lawsuit. The cost of treating your injuries, as well as the pain you experience as a result, directly informs the amount of compensation you ask for in your bus accident lawsuit.

Broken bones

Broken bones are common in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds. The force of being hit by a vehicle, especially one as heavy as a bus, can easily snap limbs and fracture other parts of the body, like skulls, ribs, and spines.

All broken bones will need some kind of cast, splint, sling, or other immobilizing device in order to heal properly. More serious injuries like compound fractures will likely require surgery to heal properly, and you also may need to take medication to avoid infection from your injuries. Moreover, you will likely need to regain strength in a broken limb after it has healed due to lack of use.

Cutting and Puncturing Wounds

Cuts and “stabs” are probably not the first thing you think of when you think of bus accidents, but they indeed do happen. Bits of warped metal from motor vehicles can easily cut and impale victims involved in the accident. If you are a passenger in a bus when it is in an accident, parts of the cabin may fly about and could cause these kinds of injuries.

Cuts need to be treated in multiple different ways. They will need to be disinfected and stitched shut in order to head. Even when they do heal, costs sustained in bus accidents will often leave nasty scars, which may be permanent. This can be very upsetting to people if the scars are somewhere visible, like the face.

Puncture wounds are, by and large, much more dangerous than cuts. Penetration of just a couple of inches past the skin can reach and damage vital organs, putting a victim in critical condition. Moreover, puncturing wounds are harder to close and stop from bleeding than cuts.


Bruising is very likely in a bus accident. Bruising is caused by blood vessels getting crushed underneath the skin. The pooling blood at the area of the injury results in the well-known purple-red-blue color bruises often taken.

The vast majority of bruises will heal on their own. However, bruising over a large area that does not heal can be indicative of something much more serious, like organ damage or internal bleeding.


It may be unsettling to think about, but amputation is a possibility during or after a bus accident. Amputation takes two main forms: medical amputation and traumatic amputation.

Medical amputation is when doctors decide that a limb cannot be saved or is likely to result in infection, so to save the patient, they remove it. You may be told by doctors that this is going to happen, or it could be done in an emergency when you are still unconscious.

The other kind of amputation is traumatic amputation. A traumatic amputation is when the accident itself rips a limb off of the victim. This is an incredibly shocking experience that is indescribably painful and results in a potentially fatal amount of blood loss. Victims of traumatic amputation need immediate emergency medical care, or they are likely to die.

For all amputees, another problem is prosthetics. Prosthetics are very expensive, and it can take a long time to find one that is comfortable and works for the victim. The cost of prosthetics can be factored into a plaintiff’s damages in a bus accident lawsuit.

Another way that amputation can happen is through disfigurement. Smaller, weaker appendages like fingers and toes can be lost in bus accidents and hamper a victim’s quality of life.

Damages in Port Chester, NY Bus Accident Lawsuit

Your damages are informed by your injuries and experience in your particular bus accident. When you ask for damages, you have to explain the basis for the amount you are asking for.

One thing you can base your damages on is medical expenses. This includes emergency treatment as well as long-term care. You can also ask for damages based on things that are not as tangible, such as pain, suffering, or mental distress stemming from the accident. Finally, in some cases, you can get what are called “punitive damages” if the defendant has acted especially badly.

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