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It seems clear at this point that electric scooters like Bird Scooters are here to stay. While they offer a convenient transportation choice for White Plains residents, they can cause devasting accidents and injuries.

Fortunately, victims can recover compensation with the assistance of our experienced Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys. Our team can handle virtually every aspect of your case to ensure your claim has the best chance of success. However, the options you will have to get damages will depend on how fast the scooter involved in your accident could travel.

If you were involved in a Bird Scooter accident and suffered injuries, our Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys can help hold the negligent party accountable. For a free case evaluation, call The Martello Law Firm, PLLC today at (914) 685-6950.

How Our New Rochelle Bird Scooter Accident and Injury Lawyers Can Help Your Case

Bird Scooter riders are becoming a much more common sight in White Plains. While they offer a convenient alternative to driving, they can still cause devastating accidents and injuries. Whether you were injured as the rider of a Bird Scooter or the victim of one, our Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys can help you recover compensation. Our team can manage every relevant aspect of your case so that your rights are looked after, and every legal option is considered.

Identify the Liable Parties

One of the most important parts of your case that our White Plains attorneys can help with is identifying the party liable for your injuries. Bird Scooter accidents tend to happen in the blink of an eye, and determining how an accident was caused will take some investigation. If you were the Bird Scooter rider, another driver could be responsible for your injuries, but others on the road could be liable. For instance, a careless bicyclist could cause a collision with a rider.

However, that situation would be reversed if you were a cyclist or pedestrian injured by a Bird Scooter. Our team can help you recover damages from the negligent scooter operator in these situations.

Gather Evidence

To collect compensation for your injuries, you will need evidence to show that the other party caused the accident. Evidence for a Bird Scooter accident can come from several sources. Evidence will not only be used to prove liability but to prove the financial damages you have suffered. This usually comes in the form of medical records and employment records showing lost wages.

It can be difficult to gather evidence after being injured in a Bird Scooter accident. Depending on where the accident occurred, security or traffic cameras might have captured the accident. We can investigate your claim to collect the relevant evidence you will need.

Speak with Witnesses

We can also reach out to witnesses on your behalf. There is a good chance that your Bird Scooter accident happened in front of others, as many bird scooter accidents occur when riders commute to and from work. If witnesses offer to help, we can contact them and arrange to get their testimony. Even if you did not speak to witnesses, the police most likely investigated the accident and made a police report. If the police interviewed a witness, their contact information should be included in the report.

Determine the Value of Your Claim

Lastly, our Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys in White Plains can evaluate your claim so that you claim the compensation you are entitled to. In severe cases, your injuries might require long-term treatment or a loss in the type of employment you can do. In these situations, our firm can arrange for medical experts to testify to establish the severity of your injuries. Our Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys are ready to fight to maximize the compensation you recover.

Determining How to Get Compensation for New Rochelle Bird Scooter Accidents and Injuries

The path to compensation after a Bird Scooter accident can be challenging. New York’s “no-fault” insurance rules are not the simplest in a typical car accident case but can be downright confusing in a Bird Scooter accident case. Depending on the classification of the Bird Scooter involved in your accident, insurance might be the required course, but a lawsuit might be able to be filed.

New York’s No-Fault Rules

In a no-fault insurance state, victims of a vehicle accident are compensated by their own Bird Scooter accident and injuries protection insurance. Insurance pays damages for costs like medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who caused the accident. However, no-fault insurance rules prohibit victims from filing lawsuits unless they suffer serious injuries.

These rules differ depending on the circumstances. For instance, if an accident involves a car and motorcycle, the motorcyclist would not be subject to the no-fault rules, and they could file a lawsuit for damages. This is important because a Bird Scooter can be classified as a motorcycle in White plains, depending on the speeds it can travel.

Class A and B Scooters

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles has classified scooters in a few different ways. Class A and B scooters are ones capable of achieving the highest speeds. Class A scooters are those that can go faster than 30 miles per hour. Class B scooters are ones that travel faster than 20 miles per hour but not as fast as Class A. These two classes of scooters are considered motorcycles in New York. Thus, an injured rider can file a lawsuit for damages instead of using no-fault insurance.

Class C Scooters

Class C scooters, also known as “limited-use motorcycles,” are not actually considered motorcycles since this class cannot reach speeds over 20 miles per hour. Riders of Class C scooters are considered pedestrians, so that no-fault insurance would be the necessary route to compensation. However, a lawsuit can still be filed if you sustained serious injuries in the accident. Our Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys can help determine the class of Bird scooter in your case and the compensation options available.

Our White Plains Lawyers for Bird Scooter Accidents and Injuries Can Help

If you suffered injuries in a Bird Scooter accident, our Bird Scooter accident and injuries attorneys can help you recover compensation from the party that injured you. Contact The Martello Law Firm, PLLC at (914) 685-6950 for a free assessment of your case.

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