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Our pedestrian accident lawyers can help victims seek compensation from the parties responsible for their accidents. Multiple forms of damages can be sought. The total payment you are awarded will be determined by the type of injuries you sustained and their impact on your life.

Unfortunately, defendants in pedestrian accident lawsuits often try to settle claims for less than their worth. At-fault motorists are often represented by insurance companies and defense lawyers who will try to dispute important elements of plaintiffs’ cases.

In the aftermath of a pedestrian accident that occurs in Mt. Vernon, get help gathering evidence and building your claim. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys at The Martello Law Firm can help prove that the defendant in your case is at fault. Call us today at (914) 685-6950 for a free evaluation of your potential lawsuit.

Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen in Mt. Vernon?

In many cases, pedestrian accidents occur because of careless and reckless behavior exhibited by motorists. Fortunately, negligent drivers may be sued for collisions they cause. The following are examples of reasons why pedestrian accidents happen in Mt. Vernon:

Driving Distracted

Driving distracted is a very common cause of pedestrian accidents. Motorists can distract themselves by taking their eyes off the road, hands away from the wheel, or attention away from the task at hand. When distracted, drivers have a high propensity to strike pedestrians who are crossing roadways or walking along sidewalks.

For instance, a motorist who is texting and driving may run a red light and hit a pedestrian who was legally using a crosswalk. Furthermore, a driver who is eating or drinking behind the wheel may veer outside of their lane and strike a person who was walking on the sidewalk. In such cases, injured parties can call our pedestrian accident attorneys for help determining the appropriate route to compensation.

Driving at Excessive Speeds

Many pedestrian accidents happen because motorists drive at excessive speeds. While speeding, drivers will have difficulty controlling their vehicles. In other words, speeding motorists may have difficulty obeying traffic signals, staying inside of their lanes, or reacting to pedestrians in the roadway. A high number of pedestrian accidents occur because of negligent actions committed by speeding drivers. Unfortunately, collisions that occur at high speeds are also more likely to cause serious harm. If you suspect that your pedestrian accident may have been caused by a speeding driver, then you should call our law firm for help with your case.

Driving Impaired

Impaired drivers are also a common cause of pedestrian accidents in Mt. Vernon. When under the influence of drugs and alcohol, motorists are prone to making careless and reckless maneuvers that endanger themselves, other drivers, and pedestrians sharing the roadway.

Thankfully, impaired drivers can often be sued for pedestrian crashes they cause. If you or someone you know was struck by an impaired driver, then you can call our lawyers for support and guidance. Our team of experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can help fight for the damages you are owed.

Disobeying Traffic Signals

Unfortunately, motorists often fail to notice or intentionally disobey traffic lights and crosswalk signals. Collisions frequently occur when drivers who disobey traffic signals fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. After such accidents, our lawyers can help victims hold negligent motorists responsible for the injuries they caused.

Should You Accept a Settlement Offer After a Pedestrian Accident in Mt. Vernon?

If you enter into a settlement agreement with the defendant to your lawsuit, you will be awarded an agreed-upon amount of compensation in exchange for the dismissal of your claim. There are certain advantages to settling before trial. First, you may save on additional expenses such as expert witness fees, filing costs, and attorney’s fees. Further, by reaching a settlement agreement, you may attain payment sooner.

Sadly, many defendants in Mt. Vernon pedestrian accident cases will try to settle their lawsuits for less than they are worth. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can accurately determine the value of your case and consider any settlement offers you are presented with. You may need to go to trial in order to obtain the full range of compensation you are owed.

When Drivers Must Yield the Right-of-Way to Pedestrians in Mt. Vernon

Drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way can be sued by victims of the accidents they caused. There are many situations where drivers must yield to pedestrians. For example, in Mt. Vernon, drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians under the following circumstances:

  • Motorists have to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks if there are no traffic signals present.
  • Motorists have to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians who are accompanied by guide dogs or using white or metallic canes to assist them across crosswalks or intersections.
  • Motorists have to yield to pedestrians who are entering or exiting from buildings, alleyways, private roads, or driveways

If you believe you were involved in a pedestrian collision because a driver failed to yield the right-of-way, call our law firm as quickly as possible. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can investigate your collision and determine the appropriate steps to take.

What if You Share Fault for Your Pedestrian Accident in Mt. Vernon?

If you share some of the responsibility for your pedestrian accident, you could be limited in the amount of damages you can recover. Courts in Mt. Vernon will abide by the rules of pure comparative fault. Accordingly, damages for pedestrian accident claims are apportioned based on parties’ percentages of fault. If you are 10% responsible for your crash while the defendant driver is 90% liable, then the defendant may pay for 90% of the damages you incurred while you will have to account for the remaining 10%.

The assistance of your experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can be very helpful when seeking to prove that the defendant in your case is to blame. Our team can help recover the full amount of compensation available to you.

Victims of Pedestrian Accidents in Mt. Vernon Can Contact Our Lawyers for Assistance

After being injured as the result of a pedestrian collision, seek assistance from our pedestrian accident attorneys at The Martello Law Firm by calling (914) 685-6950.

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