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When we get on a bus, we expect to safely disembark at our destination a short time later. Sometimes, this does not happen, and people are injured in serious accidents. You should seek legal assistance to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Bus accidents do not just happen on their own. Someone is responsible. Often, the bus driver and even their employer may be held liable for causing the accident. Depending on how everything happened, other drivers involved in the crash might share responsibility. The root cause of your accident might involve distracted drivers behind the wheel, unsafe speeding, and new bus drivers with minimal experience. Your damages might be considerable, as many bus accident victims experience severe and expensive injuries.

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People You Might Hold Responsible for Your Bus Accident in New City, Rockland County

A bus accident is often a very large incident, and piecing together the details of what happened is usually difficult. It is common for injured victims to have very little memory of what happened. They often report being on the bus, and the next thing they know, the bus is on its side, or they are in the hospital. While bus drivers are often responsible for accidents, an investigation might reveal additional negligent parties.

Bus Drivers

The driver of a bus has a heavy burden. They are in charge of a huge, heavy vehicle speeding down the highway. Buses are not like typical cars, and they are operated differently. In fact, bus drivers must meet additional licensing requirements because buses may be incredibly dangerous in an accident.

Like ordinary car accidents, it only takes a small mistake by the driver for a bus accident to happen. If the bus driver takes their eyes off the road for a moment too long, they could crash and injure numerous people. Buses are very heavy and often cannot stop quickly enough to avoid a collision.

Other Drivers

While bus drivers should certainly be heavily scrutinized after an accident, they might not be the only ones. Other drivers and vehicles are often involved in bus accidents. After a police investigation, we might discover another driver on the road contributed to the accident. For example, perhaps the accident happened because the bus driver was speeding. However, they might have crashed not only be caused they were speeding, but because another car cut them off or stopped short.

It is sometimes difficult to determine what other drivers, if any, share responsibility for a bus accident. Many other drivers might be injured, and all are likely to claim to be innocent victims. A negligent driver might not even realize they helped cause the crash. When we take legal action against the bus driver, we can include one or several other negligent drivers.

Bus Lines and Companies

When suing a bus driver, we should definitely consider also suing the company that hired them. Under the legal theory of respondeat superior, an employer can be held vicariously liable for an accident caused by a negligent employer if the employee was acting in the normal scope of their job.

Depending on the bus company, we might have difficulty filing the lawsuit. Private bus companies like Greyhound, Megabus, or a private charter or tour bus company may be sued in much the same way you might sue a private individual. However, if the bus company is part of public transportation, we might be looking at a lawsuit against a governmental entity.

There might be numerous public bus lines that crisscross the area. Among them is Transport of Rockland (TOR). The TOR is a part of the county government. According to G.M.U. Law § 50-E, different rules and procedures apply when suing a municipal government entity or organization.

According to the law, someone injured in a bus accident must file a notice of their claim within 90 days of the accident. This is an incredibly short deadline. Many people are still recovering from their injuries and exploring legal options by the time the deadline to submit a notice of the claim comes and goes. Call a lawyer immediately if you were injured in a bus accident involving public transportation.

What Could Have Caused Your Bus Accident in New City, Rockland County?

A bus accident often stems from bus driver negligence. A common instance of negligence on the road is taking focus away from the road. When a bus driver is distracted, they are more likely to cause a crash, and numerous people might be harmed. Was the bus driver on their cell phone? Perhaps they were preoccupied with a conversation they were having with a passenger. Even small distractions can lead to massive accidents.

High rates of speed are a major concern in bus accidents and almost all other vehicle crashes. As said before, a bus is an enormous vehicle. When a bus is speeding down the highway, it may be difficult to stop suddenly. Buses are designed to come to a safe stop slowly, not on a dime. A crash is more likely if someone cuts off the bus or the bus driver otherwise needs to slam the brakes but they are speeding.

In some cases, accidents happen because of inexperienced bus drivers. Bus companies typically train new drivers before they allow them to drive. This might involve some training courses and driving with a more experienced coworker to supervise. If training is inadequate, the new driver might accidentally make a mistake they should have been taught to avoid.

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