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Accidents with people falling down are often played for laughs in shows and movies, but real slip and fall accidents are hardly a laughing matter.  People face all kinds of injuries from bruising to serious back and neck injuries and even traumatic brain injuries in slip and fall, trip and fall, and other fall-down accidents.

Our attorneys will take your case seriously and fight to get you full damages for your injuries.  We will hold store owners, homeowners, and other property owners responsible for dangerous premises, icy sidewalks, and other safety issues that led to your injuries.

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Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall on a Sidewalk in New City?

Rockland County and New City residents in particular often face quite cold, icy winters.  Knowing who is responsible if you fall on their sidewalk is important when it comes to filing slip and fall lawsuits with the help of our slip and fall lawyers.

Generally speaking, the owner of any property along a sidewalk is the one responsible for clearing the sidewalk.  It is not usually New City’s responsibility nor Rockland County’s responsibility to clear the snow or prevent icing.  That means that if you get injured on a sidewalk that reasonably should have been cleared by the time you slipped, it will be the property owner’s fault.

You may also be able to sue the County of Rockland for damages if they failed to clear a street of snow, but you need to first deliver them written notice and give them a reasonable amount of time to clear the snow before they can be held liable for an injury on the uncleared street.

Property owners also potentially face liability for damaged and neglected sidewalks, such as uneven walks or sidewalks with roots sticking through them.  Often, warning signs can help people avoid injuries and cut down on liability, but the signs must be reasonable or else you would still have a case against them.  For example, a crack that is spray painted a different color might not be a sufficient warning to potential victims.

Slip and Falls in Stores, Restaurants, and Other Businesses in New City, NY

If you slipped and fell in a store, restaurant, or other business, it is likely the business’ fault, legally speaking.  Property owners have a general duty to keep the premises safe for guests, especially if those guests are paying customers.  As such, our attorneys can work to hold these businesses liable.

In grocery stores and other retail stores, there are often products on the shelves that can fall and spill, plus refrigerator and freezer units that might leak onto the floor.  It is up to the staff to be on the lookout for spills and put up “Wet Floor” signs quickly or otherwise rope off the area/aisle to prevent falls.  Ultimately, staff should clean up these spills quickly or else the store could face liability for slip or trip and fall accidents.

Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have similar concerns.  Especially if patrons track in rain or snow or spill drinks during a busy weekend night or begin spilling drinks as the night wears on, floors could easily become dangerous and lead to slip and falls.

An important issue with the business’ duty in these cases is that they cannot clear up a spill or danger that they do not know about.  Workers should discover spills in a reasonable amount of time, so simply burying their heads in the sand and refusing to look for dangers around their premises cannot be used as an excuse for why they did not remove a danger.  Additionally, a report from another customer (perhaps the one who caused the spill) will give the business actual notice of the spill.  A delay in putting up signs or clearing the danger will usually become unreasonable at that point.  Proof that the store’s workers knew or should have known about the danger will be an important element in your case.

Injuries in Slip and Fall Down Accidents in New City, Rockland County

As mentioned, the injuries you can face in a fall-down accident can vary greatly.  Most falling accidents will result in only minor injuries, but if you had a preexisting condition or are an older adult, a slip and fall could lead to devastating injuries.  This is especially true if you hit your head.

Bumps and Bruises

Bumps and bruises are usually minor injuries, but they should still be treated and taken seriously.  Especially for older adults who might be on blood thinners, a “minor” bump can actually lead to large hematomas and bruises that should probably be checked out by a doctor.  Any medical care needed for an injury should be compensated and might require a slip and fall lawsuit.

Back Injuries

Falling down hard on your back may lead to surprisingly serious back injuries.  A fall like this can cause you to “slip a disc,” meaning that the tissue between vertebrae in your back becomes herniated or inflamed, resulting in potential impingement on your spinal cord that can lead to numbness and pain.  Low back injuries can cause sciatic nerve pain and other discomfort that should be compensated.

Even more serious back, neck, and spine injuries could worsen preexisting back issues, potentially requiring time away from work and damages for lost wages.  Worse injuries could even mean broken vertebrae.

Broken Bones

Breaking a bone is always a serious injury, especially for older adults.  If surgery is required to set the bones or put in pins, rods, and screws, you could face high medical costs and lengthy recovery times.

Brain Injuries

Hitting your head is always an injury you should take seriously.  If you fell and bumped your head against something on the way down or hit the floor hard, you should seek immediate medical attention.  This could potentially result in internal bleeding that can be deadly if not treated promptly.  It can also lead to a traumatic brain injury that might lead to lifelong disabilities.

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